• Indoor Cycling: Staying home and in the most fun way.

    As both the founder of MovilID where we focus in fulfilling and bringing satisfaction to our customers. And as a loyal fan of Cycling. I have excellent news for all of you. It’s about a new development in our platform, that, while it can be found elsewhere, we have, as we say here, tropicalized for a better enjoyment of the cyclists. Here is a short Presentation:

    Cycling training MovilID:

    It’s about indoor trainings. The product tries to deliver the satisfaction of optimizing training time to the cycling community in an easygoing and nice fashion while using professional methods and techniques, but above all without leaving your home. You will be able to supplement your outings when the occasion demands it (Winter, rain or just little time), all from your garage, Livingroom, balcony, or anywhere. This product was designed with Daniel Vasquez’s Help, who is a retired professional cyclist. He was part of several teams like: Orgullo Paisa in 2009, Chaoyang in 2010, Friends team racing in Panama also in 2010, GW Shimano in 2011, Fuerzas Armadas in 2011, Autolarte GW Shimano in 2012.

    The training content was designed for three kinds of cyclist: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. For those that prefer a more casual approach, the younger or elderly or someone that’s just starting with bicycles you can use the beginner plan and adjust the suggested RPM by reducing them by 20 RPM in each exercise.

    One of the goals of this product is to offer the possibility of practicing cycling, in all of its modes in a low cost, without any major barrier. Enabling this beautiful sport to continue adding fans and professionals.

    Each level is designed to be done twice a week during two or three months. in spite of that, each 8-video course can be completed in a single month. You can repeat the course as many times as you like before advancing to the next level.

    This system is easy to use:

    Requires a simple training roller. There is no need to go for the more expensive ones like ANT or Bluetooth. This is a win. The important part is to safely fix your bicycle from behind and for you to be able to measure the cadence, this is because the training programs are based in this technique. Cadence measurement tools are available in a very large variety in any sports store with cycling focus. Among the most famous are Cateye, Garmin, and Sigma.

    The same way you can find many different training rollers, the prices go from $100.000 to $350.000. And, of course, If you already own a roller, there is no need for you to purchase a new one

    Lack of time: Indoor; Raining: Indoor; Stay in shape: Indoor.

    Practicing Cycling at home has become in the best laboratory in recent times, so that when you go out in in street you can enjoy your progress. Or simply to stay in good health and feel good.

    We understand that this kind of practice is nothing new, but what we can assure you is that it will no longer be boring or expensive. Besides, the way to access our platform to enjoy them is very simple. The training courses will be hosted on our website www.movilid.com product section -> Cycling Training