• How did we Begin?

    I Regularly Jog or go on long bike rides. These outings sometimes include jogs to a nearby town or sometimes bike rides for a whole weekend to a different city and back. I always check and ready my equipment the night before, and I never forget to add one decent size cash bill and a copy of my ID; which always end up all crumpled.

    I was once on a mountain, riding my bike, coming downhill through a very rocky road and suddenly I was surprised by an angry dog barking and chasing me as if I was its prey. I was struggling to maintain balance with one foot on the pedal with the other leg extended towards the dog in an effort to keep it from biting me. I lost control of my bike and crashed into the ground …I nearly hit my head against a sharp rock, at that moment the dog’s owner showed up. A Farmer from the area wondering if I was ok while holding the dog. Fortunately, I got away with just a scratch and carried on my way down the mountain. This time thinking, what if I had hit my head and lost consciousness. How would that farmer know who to call or who I was? Would have my cash bill spoken for me? Or the Crumpled piece of wet paper in my pocket? Or my Password protected phone?

    So, I thought I should add a piece of tape to my arm like those they give you in some Resort Hotels. Something with relevant information that could speak for me when I could not. That’s when the idea for Movil iD was born. A wristband ID with relevant information that could speak for me when I could not. If something were to happen to me while I’m walking, Jogging, running, on a bike or simply happily traveling.